How it Works

Likely this is not the first time you’ve thought of your adventure van and the freedom you could have when you get your hands on one. Seen one on the road?  where regular RV’s can’t get to ? Pictures on the internet ? In your imagination ? Let us help you make it happen. 

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Get a Van

Would like one - so your starting from scratch and need to choose a van. We can source a van for you or give you tips on how and what to get.  

Already have one. -  your staring at a steel box and wondering what to fill it with.  Bring your Sprinter,Transit, ProMaster, etc, and we’ll talk conversion.

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The Conversion

Tell us where you’d like to go , what you’d like in your van and your style of travelling , And we’ll plan your build. 

We’ll give you a time line and an estimate. 
If you’d like to move forward we’ll request a deposit and start your adventure van build ! 

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We Get to Work

We’ll keep you in the loop. Give you regular updates and pictures of the progress of your van conversion

We know you’ll have tweaks you’ll want to make as the build continues so we’ll stay in touch

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Finishing Touches

When your Van is ready you can pick it up at our shop in Vancouver British Columbia or have it delivered anywhere in North America! 
We’ll walk you through the features of your new adventure van and answer any final questions you have